Price: $ 500
Last: 1−3 years
Skin type: all skin types
Session: 2 hours
Touch up session (within 1−3 month): $ 150
Annual procedure: $ 350


In fact there are many indications for permanent eyebrows makeup. For example: light eyebrows, thin eyebrows, bushy eyebrows without clear shape, asymmetrical eyebrows, eyebrows with gaps, eyebrows of strange shape, eyebrows with a scar and also sometimes there are no eyebrows at all. All this is the perfect background for permanent eyebrows make-up. For each client I choose an individual shape and technique of tattooing depending on the original features and wishes of a client. Maybe you only want to accentuate your natural beauty, or maybe you want to make bright attractive eyebrows that will change your look.
Modern techniques in permanent makeup give very natural and durable results. In my work I use only high-quality materials and equipment. I use cutting-edge techniques for eyebrows such as Machine Hair Strokes, Powder Brows or Combo Brows. I constantly monitor the results of my work. All of this gives me the chance to provide a high level of service. Each client receives guaranteed results that look amazing over time. Every year pigment in skin lightens beautifully and disappears a few years later.
Permanent eyebrow make-up is the most popular treatment among clients all over the world. Eyebrows are the most important part of our look and they form your character and create the right first impression. You can forget about daily eyebrow make-up. You will always feel comfortable and never worry whether your eyebrows makeup looks good or not.


1. Inflammation (and/or skin formation) in the area of permanent makeup
2. Diabetes mellitus (or with the permission of a doctor)
3. Blood clotting disorders
4. Tendency to form keloid scars
5. Allergic reactions
6. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure
7. Botox, lip fillers, peeling, laser treatments — all this should be done 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after permanent makeup
8. Age 18+

Pre-care instruction

Do not do Eyebrow Threading, Lamination, Tint a week before the eyebrow tattooing procedure. It is very important to come to the procedure without being specially prepared. Please read the chapter on CONTRAINDICATIONS.

Care instruction

Just right after the procedure, there will be a slight swelling and redness. It will be over in about 1−3 hours. Your eyebrows will look very bright, but after healing in a week, the color and shape will become lighter and more natural.
First 1−2 hours every 15−20 minutes after the procedure wipe your eyebrows with special cotton wipes. Then, on the day of the procedure, do not wet or touch your eyebrows with your hands.
The next day, start washing your eyebrows with clean tepid water twice a day. In 3−4 days, start applying a thin layer of the healing ointment once a day.
! No daily cosmetics or anything else on the eyebrows for at least 3-4 days
! No heavy exercising for 3 days after the procedure
! No sun at least 3-4 days! After that you can start using SPF 30-50 sunscreen whenever you face any sun exposure
! No pools or saunas during the healing process
! Do not remove peeling on the eyebrows. Don’t help the healing process
Follow the link below for more information about tattoo safety or after as advised by the NY.
Department of Health:
* Examples of healing ointment


The whole procedure takes about 2 hours. First of all, before tattooing the eyebrows, we will discuss your wishes. I will be able to advise you on what technique, shade and shape will suit you best. Then I will make a pre-draw for you, and if you want, we can make changes. I really care about the comfort of each client. And that’s why before tattooing I apply numbing cream. The session of numbing lasts for 15−20 minutes and then I start the procedure. The session of skin pigmentation can last 30−60 minutes. While doing it, I use the second numbing if needed.
Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your daily life and don’t forget the care instructions.


You have had permanent makeup done so what is next? Please follow all the care recommendations given by your master. This is extremely important! Do not evaluate the immediate result right after the procedure and during the first week. Live through all the important stages of skin recovery after the procedure.
The first stage is the formation of a crust on the surface of the permanent makeup — these are the first days after the permanent makeup. The next stage is active peeling for 3−10 days. During this period, it is important not to damage the crusts. Everything should heal naturally without your participation. When all the crusts have fallen off, it is time for the next stage of skin recovery — micro-peeling. During this period you need to moisturize your permanent makeup a little more than usual as you feel your skin is still dry. Only after 4−6 weeks, when your skin has fully recovered from the procedure, you can evaluate the results. And then you have to visit your artist within 1−3 months for a second session.
Why do you need to do session 2? Our skin is built in such a way that 50−80% of the pigment takes root during the first session. This is quite natural. For better and sustainable results, one session is not enough. Session 2 is necessary to fix the achieved result. After the main session, you will get a good result, but after the second session, your permanent make up will look perfect and will last longer. You can also ask the artist to supplement the color and shape if you want. Do not miss the right time to do your second session or thereafter the cost of the session will be at the price of an annual procedure.
What will permanent makeup look like in a few years? Permanent makeup lip lasts for about 3−5 years, eyebrows — 1.5−3 years, eyelids — 3−5 years. The color of the permanent makeup will lighten and become transparent over the entire lifetime. This is a slow process. The color fades uniformly. A couple of years later, you can do the procedure again if you want or your color will gradually fade.
Below you can see examples of what permanent makeup looks like in a few years.
Do you want to get lip filler and permanent makeup? What is the best first step? You can do both of these procedures 3 weeks or more apart. The right procedure to start with is the one that will last longer so it is permanent makeup lips. Lip blush lasts 3−5 years and lip fillers last 6−12 months. But the order of procedures can be any you like and depends only on your desire.

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